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<3>. Batia  Super Helix Rectangular  Speaker Cables

The finest silver conductor materials(The SL-RSLC solid pure silver wire, 99.9996% purity ),advanced anti-vibration and EMI/RFI technologies, helix rectangular shape conductor, and the Schonberg Labs' Airtight teflon dielectric make the Schonberg Labs' Super Helix  speaker cable  a truly state of the art cables.

The sound performance of Batia cables is superior to the quality of speaker cables priced above 20,000 usd.




We often hear that the different dielectric or insulation material affects the sound of a conductor producing the sound of its own. Schonberg Labs' Airtight  teflon dielectric creates clear, natural and warm sound of its own in a semi-vacuum.



The SchonbergLabs' Super Helix Rectangular  speaker cable demonstrates our exclusive Optimum Diameter,0.5mm x 2.0mm, 99.9996% pure helix rectangular solid silver wire, Airtight  teflon dielectric , effective noise cancelling spiral geometry, and advanced damping & noise reduction system.

Rectangular shape conductors of the Schonberg Labs' Super Helix  speaker cables extremely minimize Skin Effect and  spiral structure significantly reduces RFI/EMI. In addition, the Schonberg Labs' Airtight teflon dielectric  increases damping and eliminates distortion in a semi-vacuum. 


Only the sharp-edged of the twisted rectangular shaped conductor contacts on the teflon tube. There is no contact resistance on the  surface of the twisted rectangular shaped conductor in the large air gallery. The air gallery makes a semi-vacuum which prevents sound contamination and oxidization of the conductor.
The tube on the sharp-edged plays an important role as a cushion in reducing unnecessary vibrations to secure real sound. By eliminating the unnecessary vibrations, while securing the original signal, The Airtight teflon dielectric creates vivid and lively music.
As a result, a pair of conductor carrying signal will be suspended in a semi-vacuum. The use of a semi-vacuum has long been acknowledged as the ideal dielectric environment. We name it as the Schonberg Labs' Airtight teflon dielectric.
The sound of the Schonberg Labs' Airtight teflon dielectric is extremely open, natural & warm. Moreover, it is able to transfer subtle details and ambient information without distortion or coloration.


We believe Batia Super Helix Rectangular  speaker cables are one of the best sounding cables available in the world which create music with incredible  tonal balance and focus through the entire frequency ranges. These are the best speaker cables money can buy, but at a very reasonable price.



Using pure copper connectors plated with rhodium
These Spade and Banana connectors are machined from a single solid piece of  the C10100  Copper (C10100/Electrical conductivity: 101% IACS). This achieves maximum signal transfer.
Materials such as Brass (C36000/Electrical conductivity: 26% IACS),  Phosphor Bronze(C54400/Electrical conductivity: 19% IACS) and Beryllium Copper(C17500/Electrical conductivity: 22% IACS) are the typical copper alloys which have low conductivities below 26% IACS.
These Spade and Banana connectors used in this cables have a single continuous conductive path from the wire to the end of the connectors. This removes the added contact resistance related with the common multi-piece type.
 •  Direct  rhodiume Plated Banana and spade Speaker Cable Connectors 
•  Machined from the C10100 Copper (101% IACS).
•  Single Piece Electrical Path Construction Maximizes Signal Conductance
•  Helix Rectangular dead soft solid conductor(2.0mm x 0.5mm, 99.9996% purity)which reduces skin effect extremely.
•  The Schonberg Labs' Airtight Teflon damping system reduces RFI/EMI
•  Polished surface by hand to make the sound more swee,mellow & warm.
•  Cryogenic treatment at -196'C
•  Crafted entirely by hand in South Korea(a country which produces Samsung and LG products)
•  Schonberg Labs' cables create clear, natural and warm sound  in a semi-vacuum.
-We believe that the sonic performance of Batia cables is superior to the quality of speaker cables priced above 20,000 usd.


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jumper cables

<4>. Batia pure silver jumper Cables
We have also made the SchönbergLabs jumper cables using SL-RSLC ultra pure silver wire(2.0mm x 0.5mm, 99.9996% purity ) in Airtight teflon dielectric.  The length is 11cm.


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