Bulk Wires


Silver wire

10. The SL-RSLC ultra pure silver wire
We offer our exclusive pure silver wire in bulk form with a clear teflon insulation. Our wire features 99.9996% ultra pure rectangular solid wire(core). This wire can be used for a variety of applications such as pure silver hook-up wire, pure silver speaker cables, pure silver RCA interconnect cables ,pure silver XLR interconnect cables , high end interconnect cables, and pure silver power cords. This fine silver wire is available in 0.5mm x 0.8mm and 0.5mm x 2.0mm wire.





SL-RSLC wire :
We sell the bare wire by the 5m length(16.5ft). If you want 15m(5m x 3pcs=15m, no continuous) of wire, Please enter 3 in the quantity box when you add this item to your shopping cart.
(1). 0.5mm x 0.8mm SL-RSLC pure silver wire : 250usd per 5 meters(16.5 ft)
(2). 0.5mm x 2.0mm SL-RSLC pure silver wire : 600usd per 5 meters(16.5 ft)